DYNAMIC BALANCE: Staying Stable While Moving

Learn how focus and weight shift affect balance with this playful, leg strengthening exercise.

How to Build Balance Confidence in Stages
Learn to shift your weight from both feet to one foot using this classic Qigong exercise for balance and strength.
Gentle, Do-anywhere Abdominal Exercise (click here and scroll down to post comments)

An efficient and less strenuous version of one of the most effective abdominal flattening exercises, The Plank Pose. Great when you're on the road!

Video: "Strengthening the Immune System"

This exercise, Knocking on the Door of Life, activates powerful acupressure points for a healthy immune system. At the same time it relaxes and warms up the entire spine. Knock on the upper chest with a soft fist to help fight off respiratory problems.  Take deep, full, relaxed breaths to help circulate healing energy through the lungs.