"Cris is like a harvester: she brings in all the best information out there. She filters out what isn't useful, and teaches us the rest."

       --Barbara Friedman, client for 20+ years


I love to teach people how to move with freedom, ease, and enjoyment, especially people who think they are "too old" or "out of shape".  The reward of seeing my students change, grow, and blossom has continued to motivate me for more than 30 years.  I teach both private sessions as well as groups.

When working one-on-one, my goal is to discover what will work best for YOU:  not everyone loves Yoga, after all, and Pilates isn't everyone's cup of tea.  But by drawing on my extensive background and continuing studies, I am able to pick and choose from among diverse exercise styles, and apply the ones which will best enable you to reach your goals. 

Incorporating your feedback, I will design a customized exercise program for you, and meet with you as often as you choose as you learn to integrate the new exercises into your life.  Most private students find it is best to meet 2-3X a week, at least at first.   

In group classes, I encourage a relaxed, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere where learning and growing is a joy.  (See "Group Classes" in the "About" section for details of classes currently offered.)