The Healing Art of Qigong

Check "Video Tips" on this site for announcements of future group classes.

Free and open to people of any age and background, including total beginners, this moving meditation class teaches the flowing, relaxing and revitalizing Qigong exercises which have been proven to help strengthen our bodies, immune systems, and emotional well-being while increasing flexibility and comfortable range of movement in the joints.

Classes have been offered at the Millbrook Free Library and Merritt Bookstore, MIllbrook NY, and Riverside Park, NYC. 

Check "Video Tips" on this site for announcements of future group classes.

Employee & Corporate Classes 

A great way to build team work, encourage communication, lower work place stress, and stimulate creative thinking:  offer your employees the bonus of an in-house exercise class. One of my most successful programs!

Exercise is a great way to refresh and revitalize, either during the lunch hour or after work. Besides obvious health benefits, studies show it encourages mental flexibility and imagination, too. 

 I offer on-going classes in the exercise style of your choice: Yoga, Qigong (aka "Moving Meditation"), Mindful Strength and Flexibility, or a mixture of all three.

I also offer one-time, special events, such as the Qigong class pictured above in Central Park, NYC, for the annual meeting of bi-coastal employees of a national magazine.

 References for this program are available from the C.E.O of a company who offered this bonus to his employees twice a week for over 8 years. 

Qigong for Parkinson's Disease

Qigong offers numerous benefits to those with PD: it strengthens balance, builds energy and vitality, gently encourages joint flexibility, teaches safe, comfortable alignment, and is excellent for the breathing, digestion, and immune function.  Recent studies even show that Qigong builds grey matter in the brain!  Last--- but not at all least--- it helps alleviate anxiety and depression and offers the joy of moving with others.

After seeing the beautiful film "Capturing Grace" ( I myself was captured by the concept of helping people with Parkinson's learn to move with more freedom, ease, and joy.  I participated in the Dance for PD training with the Mark Morris Dance Group in the fall of 2015, and I continue to volunteer for them and other Parkinson's groups whenever possible.  I also offer one-on-one sessions, both in NYC and Dutchess County, New York.